Warmflow Boilers Boiler Efficiency Rating

45 years of experience manufacturing oil fired boilers out of Lisburn, Northern Ireland has seen Warmflow develop units that boast reliability, efficiency and dependability all at an affordable price.

Warmflow's range of Combi and System boiler are ErP A rated, making them an environmentally friendly choice that will help to lower your energy bills and the option of an indoor or outdoor installation will give you flexibility when deciding where to locate your brand new oil boiler.

Warmflow 120/150 BluebirdNon-CondensingOil85.4%
Warmflow 50/70 BluebirdNon-CondensingOil85.4%
Warmflow 70/90 BluebirdNon-CondensingOil81.9%
Warmflow 90/120 BluebirdNon-CondensingOil84.3%
Warmflow Bluebird 120/150 BBNon-CondensingOil85.4%
Warmflow Bluebird 150/200BBNon-CondensingOil84.7%
Warmflow Bluebird 50/70 BBNon-CondensingOil84.1%
Warmflow Bluebird 70/90 BBNon-CondensingOil84.7%
Warmflow Bluebird 90/120 BBNon-CondensingOil85.1%
Warmflow Boilerhouse B1Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Warmflow Boilerhouse B120HECondensingOil90.8%
Warmflow Boilerhouse B70HECondensingOil90.7%
Warmflow Boilerhouse B90HECondensingOil90.7%
Warmflow Combi 70/90 CombiNon-CondensingOil83.0%
Warmflow Combi 70/90 Kabin PakNon-CondensingOil83.0%
Warmflow Combi C90HECondensingOil89.1%
Warmflow G-Series GC29ACondensingGas88.7%
Warmflow G-Series GC29BCondensingGas85.5%
Warmflow G-Series GS25ACondensingGas88.4%
Warmflow G-Series GS25BCondensingGas85.9%
Warmflow Goldbird 120/150 GBNon-CondensingOil85.4%
Warmflow Goldbird 150/200GBNon-CondensingOil84.7%
Warmflow Goldbird 50/70 GBNon-CondensingOil84.1%
Warmflow Goldbird 70/90 GBNon-CondensingOil84.7%
Warmflow Goldbird 90/120 GBNon-CondensingOil85.1%
Warmflow Kabin Pak 50/70 KPNon-CondensingOil84.1%
Warmflow Kabin Pak 70/90 KPNon-CondensingOil84.7%
Warmflow Kabin Pak 90/120 KPNon-CondensingOil85.1%
Warmflow KABIN PAK COMBI 120 HE ECO KC120HEECondensingOil88.1%
Warmflow KABIN PAK COMBI 70 HE ECO KC70HEECondensingOil88.7%
Warmflow KABIN PAK COMBI 90 HE ECO KC90HEECondensingOil88.6%
Warmflow Kabin Pak K120HECondensingOil90.7%
Warmflow Kabin Pak K150HECondensingOil90.3%
Warmflow Kabin Pak K70HECondensingOil90.7%
Warmflow Kabin Pak K90Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Warmflow Kabin Pak K90HECondensingOil90.8%
Warmflow Kabin Pak KC90Non-CondensingOil83.8%
Warmflow Kabin Pak KC90HECondensingOil89.1%
Warmflow Kabin Pak KP150HECondensingOil90.3%
Warmflow Kabin Pak KP70HECondensingOil90.7%
Warmflow Kabin Pak KP90Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Warmflow Kabin Pak KP90HECondensingOil90.8%
Warmflow System S70HECondensingOil90.7%
Warmflow System S90HECondensingOil90.8%
Warmflow System Whitebird 50/70 SWBNon-CondensingOil84.1%
Warmflow System Whitebird 70/90 SWBNon-CondensingOil84.7%
Warmflow UTILITY COMBI 120 HE ECO UC120HEECondensingOil88.1%
Warmflow UTILITY COMBI 70 HE ECO UC70HEECondensingOil88.7%
Warmflow UTILITY COMBI 90 HE ECO UC90HEECondensingOil88.6%
Warmflow Utility U120HECondensingOil90.7%
Warmflow Utility U70HECondensingOil90.7%
Warmflow Utility U90Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Warmflow Utility U90HECondensingOil90.8%
Warmflow Utility UC90Non-CondensingOil83.8%
Warmflow Utility UC90HECondensingOil89.1%
Warmflow Utility UP150HECondensingOil90.3%
Warmflow Utility UP70HECondensingOil90.7%
Warmflow Utility UP90Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Warmflow Utility UP90HECondensingOil90.8%
Warmflow Wall Mounted 50/70 ExternalNon-CondensingOil84.8%
Warmflow Wall Mounted 50/70 InternalNon-CondensingOil84.8%
Warmflow Whitebird 120/150 WBNon-CondensingOil85.4%
Warmflow Whitebird 150/200WBNon-CondensingOil84.7%
Warmflow Whitebird 50/70 WBNon-CondensingOil84.1%
Warmflow Whitebird 70/90 WBNon-CondensingOil84.7%
Warmflow Whitebird 90/120 WBNon-CondensingOil85.1%