Warmflow Boilers Boiler Efficiency Rating

Warmflow Boiler Efficiency Rating

Warmflow have been manufacturing oil fired boilers since 1970 and that 45 years of experience has contributed to an award winning range of appliances. They’re based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland but their products have gone far beyond their roots to heat homes across the UK and Ireland.

Always considering the customer with every decision that they make, Warmflow products are simple to install and are fitted with only the highest quality parts. All of the boilers operate very efficiently and are ErP A rated, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

Whether you have space to spare in your home for a boiler or not, Warmflow have models available that are designed for either indoor or outdoor installation.


This environmentally friendly range of boilers feature an ErP A rating to make for economical running and with a 5 year warranty on the heat exchanger they’re a long term investment. The heat exchanger is positioned inside a white casing that’s been designed to seamlessly fit into many kitchens and utility rooms.

You have the choice of Combi or System in this range and they all come endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust. The Utility HEE Combi boiler in this range holds the prestigious title of being the UK and Ireland’s only AA rated Combi oil boiler.


To help you save space, Vokèra have manufactured a range of outdoor oil boilers that are also quick and easy to install. Well protected against the elements, should they ever face bad weather, the K Series have a protective casing that’s also fully insulated.

Available as either a Combi or System boiler, the outputs range from 15-44kW so there’s a boiler for the heating and hot water demands of many homes.

How Much Does a Warmflow Boiler Cost?

Warmflows range of oil boilers vary in price depending on the model, their Combi boilers can cost from £1300 to £2000 while the prices of their System boilers starts from around £1400 and goes up to roughly £1800. These prices are without the cost of installation and depending on the installer that carries out the work the price will vary.

Warmflow 120/150 BluebirdNon-CondensingOil85.4%
Warmflow 50/70 BluebirdNon-CondensingOil85.4%
Warmflow 70/90 BluebirdNon-CondensingOil81.9%
Warmflow 90/120 BluebirdNon-CondensingOil84.3%
Warmflow Bluebird 120/150 BBNon-CondensingOil85.4%
Warmflow Bluebird 150/200BBNon-CondensingOil84.7%
Warmflow Bluebird 50/70 BBNon-CondensingOil84.1%
Warmflow Bluebird 70/90 BBNon-CondensingOil84.7%
Warmflow Bluebird 90/120 BBNon-CondensingOil85.1%
Warmflow Boilerhouse B1Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Warmflow Boilerhouse B120HECondensingOil90.8%
Warmflow Boilerhouse B70HECondensingOil90.7%
Warmflow Boilerhouse B90HECondensingOil90.7%
Warmflow Combi 70/90 CombiNon-CondensingOil83.0%
Warmflow Combi 70/90 Kabin PakNon-CondensingOil83.0%
Warmflow Combi C90HECondensingOil89.1%
Warmflow G-Series GC29ACondensingGas88.7%
Warmflow G-Series GC29BCondensingGas85.5%
Warmflow G-Series GS25ACondensingGas88.4%
Warmflow G-Series GS25BCondensingGas85.9%
Warmflow Goldbird 120/150 GBNon-CondensingOil85.4%
Warmflow Goldbird 150/200GBNon-CondensingOil84.7%
Warmflow Goldbird 50/70 GBNon-CondensingOil84.1%
Warmflow Goldbird 70/90 GBNon-CondensingOil84.7%
Warmflow Goldbird 90/120 GBNon-CondensingOil85.1%
Warmflow Kabin Pak 50/70 KPNon-CondensingOil84.1%
Warmflow Kabin Pak 70/90 KPNon-CondensingOil84.7%
Warmflow Kabin Pak 90/120 KPNon-CondensingOil85.1%
Warmflow KABIN PAK COMBI 120 HE ECO KC120HEECondensingOil88.1%
Warmflow KABIN PAK COMBI 70 HE ECO KC70HEECondensingOil88.7%
Warmflow KABIN PAK COMBI 90 HE ECO KC90HEECondensingOil88.6%
Warmflow Kabin Pak K120HECondensingOil90.7%
Warmflow Kabin Pak K150HECondensingOil90.3%
Warmflow Kabin Pak K70HECondensingOil90.7%
Warmflow Kabin Pak K90Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Warmflow Kabin Pak K90HECondensingOil90.8%
Warmflow Kabin Pak KC90Non-CondensingOil83.8%
Warmflow Kabin Pak KC90HECondensingOil89.1%
Warmflow Kabin Pak KP150HECondensingOil90.3%
Warmflow Kabin Pak KP70HECondensingOil90.7%
Warmflow Kabin Pak KP90Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Warmflow Kabin Pak KP90HECondensingOil90.8%
Warmflow System S70HECondensingOil90.7%
Warmflow System S90HECondensingOil90.8%
Warmflow System Whitebird 50/70 SWBNon-CondensingOil84.1%
Warmflow System Whitebird 70/90 SWBNon-CondensingOil84.7%
Warmflow UTILITY COMBI 120 HE ECO UC120HEECondensingOil88.1%
Warmflow UTILITY COMBI 70 HE ECO UC70HEECondensingOil88.7%
Warmflow UTILITY COMBI 90 HE ECO UC90HEECondensingOil88.6%
Warmflow Utility U120HECondensingOil90.7%
Warmflow Utility U70HECondensingOil90.7%
Warmflow Utility U90Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Warmflow Utility U90HECondensingOil90.8%
Warmflow Utility UC90Non-CondensingOil83.8%
Warmflow Utility UC90HECondensingOil89.1%
Warmflow Utility UP150HECondensingOil90.3%
Warmflow Utility UP70HECondensingOil90.7%
Warmflow Utility UP90Non-CondensingOil85.5%
Warmflow Utility UP90HECondensingOil90.8%
Warmflow Wall Mounted 50/70 ExternalNon-CondensingOil84.8%
Warmflow Wall Mounted 50/70 InternalNon-CondensingOil84.8%
Warmflow Whitebird 120/150 WBNon-CondensingOil85.4%
Warmflow Whitebird 150/200WBNon-CondensingOil84.7%
Warmflow Whitebird 50/70 WBNon-CondensingOil84.1%
Warmflow Whitebird 70/90 WBNon-CondensingOil84.7%
Warmflow Whitebird 90/120 WBNon-CondensingOil85.1%