Vaillant Boilers Boiler Efficiency Rating

Vaillant have been manufacturing energy-saving boilers for over 141 years, and are able to offer a boiler to meet the heating and hot water demands of just about any home.

Their ecoTEC Plus range includes gas Combi, Regular and System boilers, and are well known for their high efficiencies and comprehensive warranties. Install one of these and you'll not only have a reliable boiler but potentially lower energy bills too.

Vaillant AquaplusNon-CondensingGas79.8%
Vaillant Combicompact vcw221hNon-CondensingGas65.0%
Vaillant Combicompact vcw240hNon-CondensingGas65.0%
Vaillant Combicompact vcw242ehNon-CondensingGas70.0%
Vaillant Combicompact vcw280hNon-CondensingGas65.0%
Vaillant Combicompact vcw282ehNon-CondensingGas70.0%
Vaillant ecoFIT pure 412 VU 126/6-3 OV (H-GB)CondensingGas89.8%
Vaillant ecoFIT pure 415 VU 156/6-3 OV (H-GB)CondensingGas89.8%
Vaillant ecoFIT pure 418 VU 186/6-3 OV (H-GB)CondensingGas89.7%
Vaillant ecoFIT pure 425 VU 256/6-3 OV (H-GB)CondensingGas89.7%
Vaillant ecoFIT pure 430 VU 306/6-3 OV (H-GB)CondensingGas89.8%
Vaillant ecoFIT pure 612 VU 126/6-3 (H-GB)CondensingGas89.8%
Vaillant ecoFIT pure 615 VU 156/6-3 (H-GB)CondensingGas89.8%
Vaillant ecoFIT pure 618 VU 186/6-3 (H-GB)CondensingGas89.7%
Vaillant ecoFIT pure 625 VU 256/6-3 (H-GB)CondensingGas89.7%
Vaillant ecoFIT pure 630 VU 306/6-3 (H-GB)CondensingGas89.9%
Vaillant ecoFIT pure 825 VUW 256/6-3 (H-GB)CondensingGas89.6%
Vaillant ecoFIT pure 830 VUW 306/6-3 (H-GB)CondensingGas89.6%
Vaillant ecoFIT pure 835 VUW 356/6-3 (H-GB)CondensingGas89.7%
Vaillant ecoFIT sustain 825 VUW 256/6-3 (H-GB)CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant ecoFIT sustain 830 VUW 306/6-3 (H-GB)CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant ecoFIT sustain 835 VUW 356/6-3 (H-GB)CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant Ecomax 613/2ECondensingGas88.9%
Vaillant Ecomax 613ECondensingGas88.7%
Vaillant Ecomax 618/2ECondensingGas89.0%
Vaillant Ecomax 618ECondensingGas88.7%
Vaillant Ecomax 622/2ECondensingGas88.9%
Vaillant Ecomax 622ECondensingGas88.7%
Vaillant Ecomax 635 ECondensingLPG90.2%
Vaillant Ecomax 635ECondensingGas89.2%
Vaillant Ecomax 824 ECondensingGas87.4%
Vaillant Ecomax 824/1ECondensingGas88.6%
Vaillant Ecomax 824/2ECondensingGas88.9%
Vaillant Ecomax 828 ECondensingGas87.6%
Vaillant Ecomax 828/1ECondensingGas88.6%
Vaillant Ecomax 828/2ECondensingGas88.8%
Vaillant Ecomax 835/2 ECondensingLPG90.1%
Vaillant Ecomax 835/2ECondensingGas89.1%
Vaillant Ecomax pro 18 ECondensingGas88.6%
Vaillant Ecomax pro 28 ECondensingGas88.7%
Vaillant Ecomax VU 186 EHCondensingGas87.7%
Vaillant Ecomax VU 226 EHCondensingGas87.7%
Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive 627 VU 256/5-7 (H-GB)CondensingGas89.6%
Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive 832CondensingGas88.8%
Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive 835 VUW 356/5-7 (H-GB)CondensingGas89.7%
Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive 838CondensingGas88.8%
Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive 843 VUW 436/5-7 (H-GB)CondensingGas89.6%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 412CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant Ecotec plus 415CondensingGas88.7%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 415 VU 156/6-5CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant Ecotec plus 418CondensingGas88.9%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 418 VU 186/6-5CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 424CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant Ecotec plus 428CondensingLPG90.7%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 430CondensingGas89.2%
Vaillant Ecotec plus 438CondensingLPG90.2%
Vaillant Ecotec Plus 612CondensingGas89.0%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 612 H system A VU GB 126/5-5 ACondensingGas89.0%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 612 VU GB 126/5-5CondensingGas89.0%
Vaillant Ecotec Plus 615CondensingGas89.0%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 615 H system A VU GB 156/5-5 ACondensingGas89.1%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 615 VU GB 156/5-5CondensingGas89.1%
Vaillant Ecotec Plus 618CondensingGas89.0%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 618 H system A VU GB 186/5-5 ACondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant Ecotec Plus 618 LPGCondensingLPG90.0%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 618 LPG system A VU GB 186/5-5 A R4CondensingLPG89.1%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 618 VU GB 186/5-5CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant Ecotec Plus 624CondensingGas88.9%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 624 H system A VU GB 246/5-5 ACondensingGas89.4%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 624 H system A VU GB 246/5-5 A R4CondensingLPG89.9%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 624 VU GB 246/5-5CondensingGas89.4%
Vaillant Ecotec Plus 630CondensingGas89.0%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 630 H system A VU GB 306/5-5 ACondensingGas89.4%
Vaillant Ecotec Plus 630 LPGCondensingLPG90.0%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 630 LPG system A VU GB 306/5-5 A R4CondensingLPG89.1%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 630 VU GB 306/5-5CondensingGas89.4%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 637CondensingGas88.9%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 637 H system A VU GB 376/5-5 ACondensingGas89.2%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 637 H system A VU GB 376/5-5 A R4CondensingLPG90.5%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 637 VU GB 376/5-5CondensingGas89.2%
Vaillant Ecotec Plus 824CondensingGas88.9%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 824 VUW GB 246/5-5CondensingGas89.1%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 825 H combi A VUW GB 256/5-5CondensingGas89.1%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 825 H combi A VUW GB 256/5-5 R4CondensingLPG90.1%
Vaillant Ecotec Plus 831CondensingGas88.9%
Vaillant Ecotec Plus 831 LPGCondensingLPG89.9%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 831 VUW GB 316/5-5CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 832 H combi A VUW GB 326/5-5CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 832 LPG combi A VUW GB 326/5-5 R4CondensingLPG88.9%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 835 H combi A VUW GB 356/5-5CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 835 H combi A VUW GB 356/5-5 R4CondensingLPG90.1%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 837CondensingGas88.8%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 837 VUW GB 376/5-5CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 838 H combi A VUW GB 386/5-5CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 838 H combi A VUW GB 386/5-5 A R4CondensingLPG90.2%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 937CondensingLPG90.2%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 937 VUI GB 376/5-5CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 938 H combi A VUI GB 386/5-5 ACondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 938 H combi A VUI GB 386/5-5 A R4CondensingLPG89.8%
Vaillant ecoTEC pro 24CondensingLPG89.9%
Vaillant ecoTEC pro 24 H combi A VUW 246/5-3 ACondensingGas89.1%
Vaillant ecoTEC pro 24 H combi A VUW GB 246/5-3 A R4CondensingLPG89.7%
Vaillant ecoTEC pro 24 VUW GB 246/5-3CondensingGas89.1%
Vaillant Ecotec Pro 28CondensingGas88.8%
Vaillant ecoTEC pro 28 H combi A VUW GB 286/5-3 ACondensingGas89.1%
Vaillant ecoTEC pro 28 LPG combi A VUW GB 286/5-3 A R4CondensingLPG88.8%
Vaillant ecoTEC pro 28 VUW GB 286/5-3CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant ecoTEC pro 30 H combi A VUW GB 306/5-3CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant ecoTEC pro 30 H combi A VUW GB 306/5-3 R4CondensingLPG90.1%
Vaillant ecoTEC sustain 24 VUW 246/7-2 (H-GB)CondensingGas89.2%
Vaillant ecoTEC sustain 28 VUW 286/7-2 (H-GB)CondensingGas89.1%
Vaillant ecoTEC sustain 34 VUW 346/7-2 (H-GB)CondensingGas89.2%
Vaillant ecoTEC VU GB 466/4-5CondensingGas89.1%
Vaillant ecoTEC VU GB 656/4-5-HCondensingGas88.7%
Vaillant Home Combi 25CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant Home Combi 30CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant Home Combi 35CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant Home Regular 12CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant Home Regular 15CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant Home Regular 18CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant Home Regular 25CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant Home Regular 30CondensingGas89.2%
Vaillant Home System 12CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant Home System 15CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant Home System 18CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant Home System 25CondensingGas89.3%
Vaillant T3Wcombi vcw20/1t3wNon-CondensingGas65.0%
Vaillant T3Wcombi vcw25/1t3wNon-CondensingGas65.0%
Vaillant T3Wcombi vcwsine18t3wNon-CondensingGas65.0%
Vaillant Thermocompact 615ENon-CondensingGas79.0%
Vaillant Thermocompact 620ENon-CondensingGas79.7%
Vaillant Thermocompact 624 ENon-CondensingLPG81.5%
Vaillant Thermocompact 624ENon-CondensingGas79.7%
Vaillant Thermocompact 628ENon-CondensingGas79.8%
Vaillant Thermocompact 637 ENon-CondensingGas79.9%
Vaillant Thermocompact vc110hNon-CondensingGas65.0%
Vaillant Thermocompact vc180hNon-CondensingGas65.0%
Vaillant Thermocompact vc182ehNon-CondensingGas72.0%
Vaillant Thermocompact vc221hNon-CondensingGas65.0%
Vaillant Thermocompact vc240hNon-CondensingGas65.0%
Vaillant Thermocompact vc242ehNon-CondensingGas72.0%
Vaillant Thermocompact vc282ehNon-CondensingGas72.0%
Vaillant Thermocompact VU 142 EHNon-CondensingGas75.8%
Vaillant Thermocompact VU 182 EHNon-CondensingGas78.1%
Vaillant Thermocompact VU 242 EHNon-CondensingGas78.6%
Vaillant Thermocompact VU 282 EHNon-CondensingGas78.8%
Vaillant Turbomax Plus 28ENon-CondensingLPG81.5%
Vaillant Turbomax Plus 824ENon-CondensingGas79.6%
Vaillant Turbomax Plus 828ENon-CondensingGas79.7%
Vaillant Turbomax Plus 837 ENon-CondensingGas79.8%
Vaillant Turbomax Pro 24ENon-CondensingGas79.6%
Vaillant Turbomax Pro 28ENon-CondensingGas79.7%
Vaillant Turbomax VUW 242 EHNon-CondensingGas78.5%
Vaillant Turbomax VUW 282 EHNon-CondensingGas78.7%
Vaillant Vkboiler vk35Non-CondensingGas65.0%
Vaillant Vkboiler vk41Non-CondensingGas65.0%
Vaillant Vkboiler vk48Non-CondensingGas65.0%
Vaillant Vkboiler vk58Non-CondensingGas65.0%