Keston Boilers Boiler Efficiency Rating, Repair & Service

Keston - Boiler Efficiency Rating

Keston were born from a parent company back in 1928 to manufacture heating solutions for domestic and commercial settings and by 1998 had become a recognised name in the industry.

Their range of boilers are proudly built and designed in the UK and the ranges mentioned below are all ErP compliant and come recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.


Small enough to fit inside a kitchen cupboard, this range of compact boilers allow for heating and hot water to be controlled independently. Available in outputs of 30kW and 35 kW, there’s a couple of options whether you’re looking for something brand new or a replacement.

Available with a 5 year parts and labour warranty as standard, this can be extended to 7 years when installed with a Keston filter, the latter is only available until the end of 2018 however.


At an output of 30kW, the Keston System S30 boiler is a heating solution that will heat your home from just a single unit. Without the need for an extra tank, this System boiler can be positioned just about anywhere in the home. The standard warranty of this boiler is also 5 years although it can be extended to 7 subject to the same terms as the Combi boilers above.

How Much Does a Keston Boiler Cost?

The two Combi boilers are available for roughly £1100 to £1200 while the System boiler tends to be at the lower end of that range. This price range doesn’t include the cost of installation, which will vary depending on the engineer carrying out the work.

Model Type Fuel Efficiency
Keston C 36 Combi Condensing Gas 89.8%
Keston C 36P Combi Condensing LPG 90.8%
Keston C 40P Condensing LPG 90.3%
Keston C 55P Condensing LPG 90.8%
Keston Celsius 25 Condensing Gas 88.9%
Keston Celsius 25P Condensing LPG 90.7%
Keston Combi 30 Condensing Gas 89.0%
Keston Combi 35 Condensing Gas 88.9%
Keston COMBI C30 Condensing Gas 89.6%
Keston COMBI C35 Condensing Gas 89.6%
Keston COMBI C35P Condensing LPG 90.7%
Keston Heat 45 Condensing Gas 89.2%
Keston Heat 55 Condensing Gas 89.6%
Keston K 130 Condensing Gas 87.9%
Keston K 130P Condensing LPG 89.9%
Keston K 170 Condensing Gas 89.1%
Keston K 170P Condensing LPG 91.1%
Keston K 40 Condensing Gas 89.3%
Keston K 50 Condensing Gas 87.2%
Keston K 50P Condensing LPG 88.9%
Keston K 55 Condensing Gas 89.7%
Keston K 60 Condensing Gas 87.3%
Keston K 60P Condensing LPG 89.1%
Keston K 80 Condensing Gas 87.4%
Keston K 80P Condensing LPG 89.8%
Keston Keston 30C Condensing Gas 89.0%
Keston KESTON COMBI C30P Condensing LPG 90.7%
Keston KESTON SYSTEM S30 Condensing Gas 89.5%
Keston KESTON SYSTEM S30P Condensing LPG 90.6%
Keston Q37 Condensing Gas 89.3%
Keston Q37P Condensing LPG 90.3%
Keston Qudos 28h Condensing Gas 90.3%
Keston Qudos 28hp Condensing LPG 90.5%
Keston Qudos 28s Condensing Gas 90.3%
Keston Qudos 28sp Condensing LPG 90.5%
Keston System 30 Condensing Gas 89.6%
Keston Thermomatic RSM20FB Non-Condensing Gas 78.1%
Keston Thermomatic RSM25FB Non-Condensing Gas 78.0%