Keston Boilers Boiler Efficiency Rating

Keston are proud of their British routes and manufacture all of their boilers in Britain. Their range of Combi and System boilers draw on the experience they've gained since their parent company, Keston Heating, began developing heating systems back in 1928 to now offer innovation, reliability and efficiency in every unit.

Customer care is at the heart of everything Keston do and are available 364 days a year in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your boiler. Keston boilers come with a lot of flexibility, meaning that you can install your new boiler in any room around the home.

Keston C 36 CombiCondensingGas89.8%
Keston C 36P CombiCondensingLPG90.8%
Keston C 40PCondensingLPG90.3%
Keston C 55PCondensingLPG90.8%
Keston Celsius 25CondensingGas88.9%
Keston Celsius 25PCondensingLPG90.7%
Keston Combi 30CondensingGas89.0%
Keston Combi 35CondensingGas88.9%
Keston COMBI C30CondensingGas89.6%
Keston COMBI C35CondensingGas89.6%
Keston COMBI C35PCondensingLPG90.7%
Keston Heat 45CondensingGas89.2%
Keston Heat 55CondensingGas89.6%
Keston K 130CondensingGas87.9%
Keston K 130PCondensingLPG89.9%
Keston K 170CondensingGas89.1%
Keston K 170PCondensingLPG91.1%
Keston K 40CondensingGas89.3%
Keston K 50CondensingGas87.2%
Keston K 50PCondensingLPG88.9%
Keston K 55CondensingGas89.7%
Keston K 60CondensingGas87.3%
Keston K 60PCondensingLPG89.1%
Keston K 80CondensingGas87.4%
Keston K 80PCondensingLPG89.8%
Keston Keston 30CCondensingGas89.0%
Keston KESTON COMBI C30PCondensingLPG90.7%
Keston KESTON SYSTEM S30CondensingGas89.5%
Keston KESTON SYSTEM S30PCondensingLPG90.6%
Keston Q37CondensingGas89.3%
Keston Q37PCondensingLPG90.3%
Keston Qudos 28hCondensingGas90.3%
Keston Qudos 28hpCondensingLPG90.5%
Keston Qudos 28sCondensingGas90.3%
Keston Qudos 28spCondensingLPG90.5%
Keston System 30CondensingGas89.6%
Keston Thermomatic RSM20FBNon-CondensingGas78.1%
Keston Thermomatic RSM25FBNon-CondensingGas78.0%