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Mistral manufacture oil fired heating appliances and have now gained over 40 years of experience in the industry. A British company, manufacturing all of their products in Shropshire, Mistral offer a range of highly efficient boilers that produce low emissions.

Mistral manufacture a wide range of System and Combi oil boilers in several sizes to suit the needs of a variety of homes.

Combi Standard

Their Combi Standard range offers condensing and non-condensing boilers that provide heating and hot water in a highly efficient way. Thanks to their compact design, they can be kept under a standard kitchen worktop so that they’re out of your way. If you prefer your boiler to be outside, then outdoor models are also available.

Should water performance be high on your agenda, then the CC4 model is said to produce almost twice as much hot water as any other Combi.

Combi Plus

Offering many of the same features as their Combi Standard range, Mistral’s Combi Plus boilers are separated from the Standard range due to an added 230V electric immersion heater that’s installed into the boiler heat store. Should there be an oil failure or the boiler isn’t in full operation, then the immersion heater can provide a backup supply of domestic hot water.

Mega Combi Plus

Again, the Mega Combi Plus comes with all of the same features as the other Combi ranges Mistral have available but the Mega Combi Plus for larger homes such as barn conversions and country homes. Available in outputs of 41-70Kw, these boilers can run up to 35 litres of water per minute.

Sealed System

In this range of System boilers, there’s a condensing and non-condensing boiler available, designed to partner a pre-installed water heating sealed system. The condensing boilers are highly efficient and come with an ErP A rating while the non-condensing boilers have a standard efficiency.

How Much Does A Mistral Boiler Cost?

Mistral have many Combi and System boilers available so depending on the heating and hot water demands of your home the cost could be anywhere between £1800 and £4600 for Combi boilers and £1500 to £3200 for a System boiler. These potential prices don’t include the cost of installation which will vary depending on the engineer carrying out the work. Due to having more moving parts, the System boilers are likely to have higher installation costs attached to them.

Potterton Apollo 25CondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Apollo 30CondensingGas88.7%
Potterton Assure 13 HeatCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Assure 15 SystemCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Assure 16 HeatCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Assure 18 SystemCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Assure 19 HeatCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Assure 25 CombiCondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Assure 25 HeatCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Assure 30 CombiCondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Assure 30 HeatCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton British Gas Potterton PrecisionCondensingGas88.8%
Potterton FF55Non-CondensingGas78.2%
Potterton FF75Non-CondensingGas78.4%
Potterton Gold 15 Heat ErPCondensingGas89.4%
Potterton Gold 18 Heat ErPCondensingGas88.7%
Potterton Gold 18 System ErPCondensingGas88.7%
Potterton Gold 24 Combi ErPCondensingGas88.6%
Potterton Gold 24 HECondensingGas88.6%
Potterton Gold 24 HE ACondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Gold 24 Heat ErPCondensingGas88.8%
Potterton Gold 24 System ErPCondensingGas88.7%
Potterton Gold 28 Combi ErPCondensingGas88.6%
Potterton Gold 28 HECondensingGas88.6%
Potterton Gold 28 HE ACondensingGas89.0%
Potterton GOLD 28 LPG COMBI ErPCondensingLPG89.6%
Potterton Gold 28 System ErPCondensingGas88.6%
Potterton Gold 33 Combi ErPCondensingGas88.5%
Potterton Gold 33 HECondensingGas88.5%
Potterton Gold 33 HE ACondensingGas88.9%
Potterton Gold Combi 28 HE LPGCondensingLPG91.0%
Potterton Gold FSB 30 HECondensingGas88.8%
Potterton Gold H 15CondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Gold H 18CondensingGas88.7%
Potterton Gold H 24CondensingGas88.8%
Potterton Gold System 18 HE ACondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Gold System 24 HE ACondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Gold System 28 HE ACondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Heatmax Combi 24 HECondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Heatmax Combi 28 HECondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Heatmax Combi 33 HECondensingGas88.9%
Potterton Kingfisher Mf CFL 40Non-CondensingGas78.4%
Potterton Kingfisher MF CFL100Non-CondensingGas78.0%
Potterton Kingfisher MF CFL50Non-CondensingGas78.5%
Potterton Kingfisher MF CFL60Non-CondensingGas78.0%
Potterton Kingfisher MF CFL70Non-CondensingGas78.0%
Potterton Kingfisher MF CFL80Non-CondensingGas78.3%
Potterton Kingfisher MF CFL90Non-CondensingGas78.0%
Potterton Kingfisher Mf RSL 40Non-CondensingGas78.5%
Potterton Kingfisher MF RSL100Non-CondensingGas78.0%
Potterton Kingfisher MF RSL50Non-CondensingGas78.5%
Potterton Kingfisher MF RSL60Non-CondensingGas78.5%
Potterton Kingfisher MF RSL70Non-CondensingGas78.1%
Potterton Kingfisher MF RSL80Non-CondensingGas78.2%
Potterton Kingfisher MF RSL90Non-CondensingGas78.1%
Potterton Osprey 2 CFL 125Non-CondensingGas78.6%
Potterton Osprey 2 CFL 150Non-CondensingGas78.1%
Potterton Osprey 2 CFL 180Non-CondensingGas78.7%
Potterton Osprey 2 CFL 220Non-CondensingGas78.0%
Potterton Paramount 40 Natural GasCondensingGas88.6%
Potterton Paramount 60 Natural GasCondensingGas88.5%
Potterton Performa 12 SL HECondensingGas85.8%
Potterton Performa 15 SL HECondensingGas85.6%
Potterton Performa 18 SL HECondensingGas85.6%
Potterton Performa 21 SL HECondensingGas85.6%
Potterton Performa 24Non-CondensingGas78.6%
Potterton Performa 24 Eco HECondensingLPG86.8%
Potterton Performa 24 SL HECondensingGas85.6%
Potterton Performa 24i HECondensingLPG86.8%
Potterton Performa 28Non-CondensingGas78.1%
Potterton Performa 28iNon-CondensingGas78.1%
Potterton Performa 30 HECondensingLPG86.9%
Potterton Performa 9 SL HECondensingGas85.6%
Potterton Performa System 12 HECondensingLPG86.4%
Potterton Performa System 12eNon-CondensingGas78.9%
Potterton Performa System 18 HECondensingLPG86.9%
Potterton Performa System 18eNon-CondensingGas78.8%
Potterton Performa System 24 HECondensingLPG86.9%
Potterton Performa System 24eNon-CondensingGas78.7%
Potterton Performa System 28 HECondensingLPG87.0%
Potterton Performa System 28eNon-CondensingGas78.2%
Potterton Powermax HE 115 CPCondensingGas89.5%
Potterton Powermax HE 115 CPIHCondensingGas89.5%
Potterton Powermax HE 150 CPCondensingGas89.6%
Potterton Powermax HE 150 CPIHCondensingGas89.6%
Potterton Powermax HE 85 CPCondensingGas89.5%
Potterton Powermax HE 85 CPIHCondensingGas89.5%
Potterton Profile 100eNon-CondensingGas73.9%
Potterton Profile 18HOCondensingGas89.2%
Potterton Profile 18SCondensingGas89.2%
Potterton Profile 24HOCondensingGas89.6%
Potterton Profile 24SCondensingGas89.2%
Potterton Profile 30HOCondensingGas89.6%
Potterton Profile 30SCondensingGas89.6%
Potterton Profile 40eNon-CondensingGas71.8%
Potterton Profile 40eLNon-CondensingGas78.0%
Potterton Profile 50eNon-CondensingGas75.4%
Potterton Profile 50eLNon-CondensingGas78.3%
Potterton Profile 60eNon-CondensingGas75.1%
Potterton Profile 60eLNon-CondensingGas78.2%
Potterton Profile 80eNon-CondensingGas74.4%
Potterton Profile 80eLNon-CondensingGas78.4%
Potterton Promax 12 HE PlusCondensingGas88.7%
Potterton Promax 12 System ErPCondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Promax 15 System ErPCondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Promax 15/2 HE PlusCondensingGas89.4%
Potterton Promax 18 HE PlusCondensingGas88.7%
Potterton Promax 18 System ErPCondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Promax 24 Combi ErPCondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Promax 24 Store ErP 115i Cylinder AssemblyCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Promax 24 Store ErP 150i Cylinder AssemblyCondensingGas89.2%
Potterton Promax 24 Store ErP 90i Cylinder AssemblyCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Promax 24 System ErPCondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Promax 24/2 HE PlusCondensingGas89.6%
Potterton Promax 28 Combi ErPCondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Promax 30 HE PlusCondensingGas88.8%
Potterton Promax 32 System ErPCondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Promax 33 Combi ErPCondensingGas88.9%
Potterton Promax Combi 24 HE PlusCondensingGas88.6%
Potterton Promax Combi 24 HE Plus ACondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Promax Combi 24 HE Plus LPGCondensingLPG91.0%
Potterton Promax Combi 28 HE PlusCondensingGas88.6%
Potterton Promax Combi 28 HE Plus ACondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Promax Combi 33 HE PlusCondensingGas88.5%
Potterton Promax Combi 33 HE Plus ACondensingGas88.9%
Potterton Promax FSB 30 HECondensingGas88.8%
Potterton Promax HE Store 115 LitreCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Promax HE Store 150 LitreCondensingGas89.2%
Potterton Promax HE Store 90 LitreCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Promax SL 12CondensingGas88.7%
Potterton Promax SL 12 Heat ErPCondensingGas88.7%
Potterton Promax SL 15CondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Promax SL 15 Heat ErPCondensingGas89.4%
Potterton Promax SL 18CondensingGas88.7%
Potterton Promax SL 18 Heat ErPCondensingGas88.7%
Potterton Promax SL 24CondensingGas88.8%
Potterton Promax SL 24 Heat ErPCondensingGas88.8%
Potterton Promax SL 30CondensingGas88.8%
Potterton Promax SL 30 Heat ErPCondensingGas88.8%
Potterton Promax System 12 HE PlusCondensingGas88.6%
Potterton Promax System 12 HE Plus ACondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Promax System 15 HE PlusCondensingGas88.7%
Potterton Promax System 15 HE Plus ACondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Promax System 18 HE PlusCondensingGas88.7%
Potterton Promax System 18 HE Plus ACondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Promax System 24 HE PlusCondensingGas88.7%
Potterton Promax System 24 HE Plus ACondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Promax System 24 HE Plus LPGCondensingLPG91.1%
Potterton Promax System 32 HE PlusCondensingGas88.6%
Potterton Promax System 32 HE Plus ACondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Promax Ultra Combi 24 ErPCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Promax Ultra Combi 28 ErPCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Promax Ultra Combi 33 ErPCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Promax Ultra Combi 40 ErPCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Scottish Gas Potterton PrecisionCondensingGas88.8%
Potterton Statesman 45/50LNon-CondensingOil85.1%
Potterton Statesman 50/70LNon-CondensingOil85.4%
Potterton Statesman 70/90LNon-CondensingOil84.9%
Potterton Statesman 90/110LNon-CondensingOil84.7%
Potterton Statesman Flowsure 70/90LNon-CondensingOil82.9%
Potterton Statesman Flowsure Plus 70/90LNon-CondensingOil83.0%
Potterton Statesman System 70/90LNon-CondensingOil84.9%
Potterton Statesman Utility 110/130LNon-CondensingOil84.3%
Potterton Statesman Utility 130/150LNon-CondensingOil85.3%
Potterton Statesman Utility 50/70LNon-CondensingOil85.4%
Potterton Statesman Utility 70/90LNon-CondensingOil84.9%
Potterton Statesman Utility 90/110LNon-CondensingOil84.7%
Potterton Suprima 100LNon-CondensingGas78.0%
Potterton Suprima 120LNon-CondensingGas78.7%
Potterton Suprima 30 HECondensingGas85.6%
Potterton Suprima 30LNon-CondensingGas78.0%
Potterton Suprima 40 HECondensingGas85.8%
Potterton Suprima 40LNon-CondensingGas78.5%
Potterton Suprima 50 HECondensingGas85.6%
Potterton Suprima 50LNon-CondensingGas78.1%
Potterton Suprima 60 HECondensingGas85.6%
Potterton Suprima 60LNon-CondensingGas78.1%
Potterton Suprima 70 HECondensingGas85.6%
Potterton Suprima 70LNon-CondensingGas78.6%
Potterton Suprima 80 HECondensingGas85.6%
Potterton Suprima 80LNon-CondensingGas78.8%
Potterton Titanium 12 HeatCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Titanium 15 HeatCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Titanium 18 HeatCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Titanium 24CondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Titanium 24 Combi ErPCondensingGas88.6%
Potterton Titanium 24 HeatCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Titanium 28CondensingGas89.0%
Potterton Titanium 28 Combi ErPCondensingGas88.6%
Potterton Titanium 30 HeatCondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Titanium 33CondensingGas88.9%
Potterton Titanium 33 Combi ErPCondensingGas88.5%
Potterton Titanium 40CondensingGas88.9%
Potterton Titanium 40 Combi ErPCondensingGas88.5%
Potterton Ultra 12 Heat 12CondensingGas89.2%
Potterton Ultra 12 System 12CondensingLPG90.3%
Potterton Ultra 15 Heat 15CondensingGas89.2%
Potterton Ultra 15 System 15CondensingLPG90.2%
Potterton Ultra 18 Heat 18CondensingGas89.2%
Potterton Ultra 18 System 18CondensingLPG90.2%
Potterton Ultra 21 Heat 21CondensingGas89.2%
Potterton Ultra 24 Heat 24CondensingGas89.1%
Potterton Ultra 24 System 24CondensingLPG90.2%
Potterton Ultra 28 System 28CondensingLPG90.2%